Butterflies and Flowers

Original Artwork by Marti and Lizzy Dvorsky of Lizzy's Creations.

The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough.  ~Rabindranath Tagore

NEW - "Rejoice"

"Every Moment on Earth"

NEW - "Intimate Love"

NEW - "What We Don't See"

NEW - "Petals of Crystal" (view 1)

NEW - "Petals of Crystal" (view 2)

"Wings of Laughter"
"Untitled 1"

"Untitled 2"

"Gracefully Trusting"

"Beautiful Sight"

"Behind Her Wings"

"Bejeweled With You"



"Colorful Love"

"Delicate Lace"


"Grace Grace Grace"

"Graceful Girl"

"Gracefully Free"


"Hearts a Fall"

"Hearts Do Fall"

"In Flight"

"In the Moment of Grace"

"Inner Peace"

"Just Believe"


"Lovely Grace"

"My Mess Up"

"Playful Flutter"

"Such Grace"

"Totally Mad"
"Untitled 3"

"Vibrant Wing"

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