Original Artwork by Marti and Lizzy Dvorsky of Lizzy's Creations.
NEW - "Birthday Cake"

NEW - "How You Look at Things"

NEW - "Kiwi Madness"

NEW - "Peace and Love"

NEW - "Peacock Feathers"

NEW - "The Color of Lava"

"Untitled Sonata"

"Untitled Color"

"A Beautiful Place to Be"

"A Purpose"

"Basically Mad"

"Cafe de Flore"

"Chaotic Bliss"

"Circles of Grace"

"Circles of Love"

"Dancing with Ink"


"Good Things"

"Green Legs"

"Green Speckles"

"Her Dream"

"Hollows in Maples" (left), and "Silhouettes in Maples" (right)

"Joyful Day"


"Just, Be Free"

"Just Be You"

"Lily Flower"

"Love of Dance"

"Mushroom Play"

"One Guitar"

"Shiroi Angel"

"Spores of Love"

"Swirls of Fun"

"This and That"

"Vibrational Energy"


"Zebra Crossing"


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